Champions Choose AIDA

First time the AIDA Dance Shoes were created in Russia in 1993 by Liubov and Vladimir Kotlyarov and developed in cooperation with Allan Tornsberg in 1998.

Very quickly brand become preferred choice of shoes for most of the top professional coupes in the world.

The list of Aida ambassadors included such names as Allan Tornsberg, Viktor Nikovsky, Karina Smirnoff, Dmitry Timokhin, Franco Formika, Sergey Riupin, Elena Khvorova, Mirko Gozzoli, Edita Danute, Fabio Selmi, Sergey Surkov, Maurizio Vescovo, Andra Vaidilaite, Stefano Di Filippo, Dasha Chesnokova, Eugeny Smagin, Polina Kazachenko, Morten Lowe, Roselina Doneva, Alina Basiouk, Nikita Brovko, Olga Urumova, Dorin Friecatau, Marina Sergeeva, Kirill Belorukov, Polina Telesheva, Klemen Prasnikar, Alexandra Averkieva.

AIDA shoes are made by hand what make them unique, comfortable and just perfect.

In addition to phenomenal worldwide success and popularity Aida Dance Shoes do not intend to stop at achieved results. AIDA is actively developing new models, researching more sophisticated manufacturing technologies, and implementing improvements into an already impressive product line.

In November 2016 at the Professional World Championship WDC 9 couples from 12 in the semi final and 5 couples from 6 in the final has choose to danced in AIDA Dance Shoes.

With proud Krystof and Natalia become English ambassadors for AIDA Dance Shoes.

You can ask them for more information, advice or help in choosing your perfect Aida Dance Shoes model.

Ladies Latin

Model 070

Model 080

Model 010

Model 067T

Model 071

Model 068

Model 080S

Model 081

Model 082

Model 070T

Price depend on material and model £130-£160

Possible heel options

Mens Latin

Model 131

Model 135

Model 136

Model 138

Model 132

Model 134

Price depend on material and model £130-£160

Possible heel options

Ladies Ballroom

Model 040

Model 040A

Model 040C

Model 040E

Model 040S

Model 043

Model 044

Model 042

Model 040P

Price depend on material and model £130-£160

Mens Ballroom

Model 118S

Model 118

Model 119

Price depend on material and model £130-£160


Model 030E

Model 031E

Model 032

Model 030P

Price depend on material and model £130-£160

Practice and Teaching

Model 121

Model 025G

Model 122

Price depend on material and model £130-£160

How To Find Your Size

How to Make Your Order

After finding your perfect model please contact us via email

and we will help you to customise your order.

All the AIDA dance shoes are hand made and available in the diffrent shapes to suites your personal needs. You can choose between the diffrent widness and shape of the sock.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.